Consultancy and personnel training services

1- Quality control and reporting services

These services include measuring the quality of your ongoing K9 operations, measuring the scent and operational qualities of your dogs, the capacities and abilities of your managers, the adequacy of your prepared documents in local and international standards, and reporting recommendations for improvement to the employer as a result of this evaluation.

2- K9 executive training and certification

This is a four-week program that includes training the personnel to serve in all types of detection and guard services, preparing for local authority exams, as well as training them to be operationally qualified in reporting dog care reskilling training.

3- K9 Instructor training

This training follows detection and guard dog instructor training and varies between 6 weeks and 12 weeks depending on the branch in which the training will be given.

4- Training of the teams to prepare for the proficiency exams of the local authorities

Consultancy services for the preparation of teams consisting of managers and dogs for the certification exams held by the local authorities.

5- Trainable dog (Greendog) supply

Providing consultancy services for the supply of dogs with suitable skeleton, genetic, physiological health, and competence for the working dogs in terms of trainability and veterinary health.

6- Consultancy on dog transfer

Providing consultancy services for international dog transfer, which includes customs clearance and storage, provision of care conditions.

7- Consultancy on center setup

We provide consultancy services for the establishment of dog training centers, which include, carrying out bureaucratic procedures, planning of the construction of buildings, indoor and outdoor training areas, planning and recommending materials for the buildings and training areas under the rules enforced by local authorities.

8- Consultancy on legislative work

We provide consultancy services for national or international legislative processes that interest dog training and breeding centers. This includes developing all written legislation, operational forms, establishing quality control standards and arranging related forms.

9- Consultancy on brand creation

The purpose is the creation of a strong brand for work dogs, designing and conducting marketing strategies, and creating social media communication. Also, national and international studies are executed on brand awareness.

10- Seminars and presentations

Delivering presentations on K9 Services, short training programs, and issuing certificates and participation certificates at relevant events and meetings.