Operational Solutions

1- Supply of explosive and narcotic detection dog (K9) for cargo search

Supply of explosives detection dogs, narcotic detection dogs, food detection dogs, counterfeit currency detection dogs for cargo acceptance and shipping areas. Our high-quality and socially trained dogs are prepared to serve in compliance with the ECAC standards for air cargo services. We offer for your service only the dogs that succeed in a simulation of the proficiency certification exam to be held by the local authority. Our dogs, which are also trained for land cargo searches, are used for large partial, container and vehicle searches. All of our dogs give signals with the passive alarm method.

2- Supply of explosive and narcotic detection dog (K9) for checkpoint vehicle search

Our dogs, trained for vehicle search at checkpoints, can detect explosives, narcotics and human smuggling, and give signals with a passive alarm. With a detailed search of vehicles as well as stash exercises and high and fringe sniffing capabilities, they can search vehicles in open and contained areas.

3- Supply of explosive and narcotic and live human detection dog (K9) for building search

Our dogs are specifically trained to search low-rise, multi-storey and garden buildings, which includes under locked doors, locked lockers, narrow or long spaces, furnished rooms, warehouses and kitchens. When the searched item is found, they signal with the passive alarm method.

4- Supply of explosive and narcotic, live human and corpse cadaver detection dog (K9) and dual-purpose (detection and attack) dog (K9) for open space search

Açık alan aramalarında Dairesel veya çizgisel disiplinde detaylı arama yapma kabiliyetine sahip olan köpeklerimiz aradıkları maddeyi bulduklarında pasif alarm vermektedirler. Köpeklerimiz düzenli açık alan ormansal engebeli sulak arazide yamaç arazide balçık arazide arama kabiliyetine sahiptirler.

5- Supply of dogs (K9) for patrol and protection services

Our dogs are trained in compliance with the requirements of the local authority certification exams and serve their supervisors with the purpose of field protection and patrol services, which include human, building and facility protection.

6- Supply of detection dog (K9) for search and rescue services

Our dogs, which are specifically trained for search and rescue services are able to detect live human in the earthquake rubble or building wreckages caused by other factors. In addition, training qualification and task proficiency trainings are provided in order to prepare for the exams of local authorities. Furthrmore, international proficiency trainings can be provided upon request.

7- Supply of K9 for body cadaver detection

Our dogs, specifically trained for detecting human corpses, are able to detect human bodies in underground, sub-debris, mud and open spaces conditions. After detecting the body, the dogs give signals by barking.

8- Suppy of detection dog (K9) for combatting human trafficking

Our dogs, trained to prevent human smuggling, have the ability to search vehicles, containers, and marine vessels, and bark when they detect a hiding person. If desired, it can be provided to signal with passive alarm for silent operations.

9- Supply of detection K9 for trace tracking

Our dogs, which can follow human scent in open areas, in the city, or, in the forest, give signal by barking or sitting down for covert operations when they find the person they search. For covert and special operations, they can be trained to silently signal by sitting within 100 meters of the saught person and focusing on the target. In addition, our dogs, which are trained for tracking harmless and suspicious people, can be further taught to neutralize suspicious people by biting them.

10- Supply of detection dog (K9) for mine detection

Our dogs are trained for mine detection purposes and in compliance with the I.M.A.S standards (https://www.mineactionstandards.org/). They are prepared in accordance with the exams executed by local authorities.https://www.mineactionstandards.org/) eğitim almaktadır ve Yerel otoritelerin açacağı sınavlara uygun olarak hazırlanmaktadır.

11- Supply of detection dog (K9) for special purpose dog services

The dogs can be trained to detect any kind of odor-releasing substance. Due to this ability, detector dogs can be trained by our company for special duties apart from general services. The best example is the detection dog that we bred for detecting hornets. Our dog, which we trained to detect the nests of hornets that haunt restaurants in the open spaces of the hotels in tourism regions and disturb the customers, successfully identified these nests and helped our client solve this issue.